Combine notes: Tebow, strong defensive draft

Some random thoughts this afternoon from watching the NFL Network's coverage of the combine:

* Not that it has anything to do with how he would potentially perform as a quarterback in the NFL, but Tim Tebow turned in a strong performance in the tests today. He ran the 40 in 4.72 seconds, fourth among quarterbacks. He also has the best vertical jump and the second-best broad jump among QBs.

* Pretty remarkable to see USC running back Stafon Johnson participate in the bench-press test. Back in September, Johnson was benching when the bar slipped from his hands and crushed his neck and larynx. He underwent seven hours of emergency throat surgery. And now, five months later, he's at the combine. I can't imagine what Johnson must have been feeling the first time he gripped the bar to bench during his rehab and recovery. Just an incredible story.

* NFL Network's Mike Mayock reiterated during today's broadcast that this is the deepest draft for defensive players he's seen in nearly 10 years. That's encouraging for the Eagles, who could use help with their pass rush, at linebacker and in the secondary.

* Yesterday we mentioned Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo running drills at the combine. Today it was Eagles wide receivers coach David Culley instructing the prospects as they ran through the gauntlet and other workouts.

* The fastest wide receiver 40 time went to Clemson's Jacoby Ford, who ran a 4.28. Ohio's Taylor Price turned in a 4.41. South Florida's Carlton Mitchell, who we're profiling, ran a 4.49. Running backs still have to run, as of this writing.

* When watching all these workouts, I can't help but think of the fitness tests I had to do in middle school gym class. Climb the ropes, sit and reach, sit-ups in a minute. There were generally a handful of kids who could actually climb the ropes. The rest (present company included) got up there, hung on for a few seconds, gritted our teeth and then called it a day. On the form we had to fill out, we put down TMB, which stood for Tried My Best. I think they should implement this at the combine. If you run a poor 40 time or can't get the 225 pounds up off your chest, just put down a TMB.

That's all. More later.

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