Celek fires back at Brooking

Eagles tight end Brent Celek fired back at Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking during a radio interview. (AP photo)

The Eagles and Cowboys have ended each others' seasons two years in a row.

And even though it's April, the players are doing their part in adding to the rivalry.

And we at MTC love it.

You'll remember that Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking took a jab at the Birds last week.

"The way we dominated them, obviously [Donovan] McNabb didn’t play his best, but they were very predictable," Brooking said. "We knew exactly what was coming on every play. A lot of that didn’t have to do with Donovan McNabb."

Those words found their way to Eagles tight end Brent Celek, who responded on ESPN 103.3's Galloway and Company show.

"It kind of irked me a little bit," Celek said. "I don't think they knew exactly the plays that we were running, when we were running them. They played better than us in those games and I'll give them credit. They did do a good job. But for him to say that, I totally disagree with him. I'll tell ya what, I can't wait to play him next year."

Last year, Celek broke out with 76 catches for 971 yards and eight touchdowns. We saw a side of him we hadn't seen in his first two seasons in the league - dragging defenders along for extra yardage, showing emotion after picking up first downs, etc.

He was asked what he'll say to Brooking when the two teams meet.

"I can't say that on radio, guys," Celek said. "Every time we went down there, and you see him trying to get the crowd riled up on that big jumbotron, it just gets me going, so I can't wait to play him again."

Well, we know that Eagles-Cowboys is going to be fun. And we know that Eagles-Redskins is going to be fun. What about Eagles-Giants? That's going to be fun too. But more on that later.

Celek continued to back his buddy Kevin Kolb, saying the Eagles made the right move.

"They did the right thing," Celek said. "They got faith in Kolb, and I'll tell ya what, I think Kolb is gonna be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in years to come. I hate hearing people say that we're rebuilding right now cause we got a lot of good players on our team and we're gonna win a lot of games this year.

"The people in the front office and coach Reid have seen Kevin's development over the last three years, and they feel it's time. And I'll tell ya what, a lot of guys on the team feel the exact same way. We're ready to rally behind him and get this thing going."

Thanks to ESPN's Matt Mosley for the link.

Earlier we linked to comments made by McNabb's dad to USA Today.

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