Banner's Madden/Reid comparison

E-mail from friend and loyal blog reader Lemur this morning:

You should have included the part of the Banner interview where he compares Madden to Reid…it was ridiculous…he said Madden coached the Raiders for 10 years, like Reid, and went to 5 AFC championship games, like Reid, and won a Super Bowl…and he is considered a Hall of Fame coach yet Andy is criticized in this town.

Um, well Joe, the Super Bowl is huge!!...if Andy had won a Super Bowl he would not be criticized….this is why people get so mad at Banner.

Lemur is right (it happens every three months or so) that I should have included the Reid/Madden comparison from the Joe Banner interview on Comcast SportsNet. So here is exactly what Banner said:

"I was telling the story to somebody the other day. John Madden coached at Oakland for 10 years," Banner said. "He won fewer regular-season games and he went to five championship games. He did go to two Super Bowls versus one, and he did win one. But in Oakland that got him elected to the Hall of Fame. In Philadelphia, that gets Andy, at least from the public's perspective, uncertain about his job."

To be honest, given my age, I can't comment properly on how Madden compares to Reid. I never saw the guy coach. So instead, here are the numbers from, and I'll let you all argue about the comparison.

Regular-season record: Madden went 103-32-7 for a winning percentage of .763. Reid is 97-62-1 for a winning percentage of .610.

Playoff record: Madden went 9-7 for a .563 winning percentage. Reid is 10-7, a winning percentage of .588.

Conference championships: Madden got there seven times and was 1-6. Reid has got there five times and is 1-4.

Super Bowls: Madden was 1-0. Reid is 0-1.

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