Saturday, December 20, 2014

For your reading pleasure

As you may have noticed, in these early days of, to nab your interest and loyalty, we're letting readers gain free access during some time periods onto the website, which normally is membership-based. Here's this week's promo code to give you access to reporting, photography and graphics you just don't get elsewhere.

For your reading pleasure

This week's promo code, which gets you into the website through Sunday night, is L89U.

For example, that code allows you to read a story that yours truly has in today's edition on some inspiring young people who grabbed a last-chance opportunity to get their high school diplomas. It's a story about graduates of Lakeside School in Montgomery County, Class of 2013.

Hmm, that L in the promo code must be for Lakeside. And the U? For you reading it, heh-heh. Just a little promo code humor there. Enjoy the Inquirer online. We now return you to your regular programming.

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