Bridgeport school children usher in patriotic weekend


The 400 boys and girls at Bridgeport Elementary School in Montgomery County ushered in Memorial Day weekend with a special ceremony Friday morning, and we were invited.


The event consisted of all the children – pre-kindergarten through fourth grade – assembling around the flag pole in front of their school on a hill overlooking Bridgeport.


The children wore red, white and blue, and so did their teachers. They all waved their flags at once, and it was amazing to see.


The ceremony included a parade of Bridgeport police with sirens blaring, a flag presentation from the Valley Forge Detachment Marine Corps League 312, and a drive-by of motorcycles from the Warriors Watch Riders. What a racket that made! Girl scouts and one cub scout also marched.


The children listened respectfully while their principal, Alan Futrick, gave a talk about never forgetting those who lost their lives protecting and preserving our freedom.


A school band played “America the Beautiful,” and the students sang along. There was taps, and the students pledged “allegiance to the flag of the United States of American, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”


The ceremony took less than an hour. Then the children filed in orderly fashion back to their classrooms to resume lessons.


Despite the misty weather, it was a fitting and appropriate run-up to Memorial Day. We were honored to witness it.


(The photo we are working to post online shows Dylan Haskell, left, and Spencer Kalbach, both first graders, as well as their schoolmates from the school at 900 Bush St., participating in the patriotic ceremony.)