Fun facts about big parcels in Lower Merion Township

First, I'll give you a few minutes to scribble down what you think some of the largest parcels are in the township. I've already given you Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, which weighs in at 75 acres. Take a few minutes to scribble down a few others.Okay, here are the ones I found after a bit of research.

The biggest parcel in Lower Merion, according to township director of building and planning Bob Duncan, is the Philadelphia County Club in Gladwyne. Township records show it sits on 302 acres. Haverford College has 200 acres. West Laurel Hill Cemetery is 160 acres and and Bryn Mawr College has 135. The Mother Divine property, also known as Woodmont for the name of the mansion on its property, is 73 acres in Gladwyne. I'm sure I'm missing many, so please comment below if you know of other giant-sized properties in the township.