Tyra Banks is Type F

So I finally logged on to Tyra Bank's Type F fashion website that launched this week. Of course the F - stands for Fierce.

I was intrigued by Banks' claim that her website personalizes fashion for you.  I registered and immediately started answering questions. My eyes are almond and yes, I worry about dandruff. Instant tips. I'll try them this weekend. Cool. Hope I remember to log on next week to see what the tips will be.

Photo courtesy of Type F.com

Type F is easy to navigate and it feels like a magazine much more than most fashion websitesw. Banks' personal blog is inspiring and actually, I'm looking forward to checking out her upcoming novel, Modelland. One disappointment: There is a tagline that touts "Fashion is not just demographic, it's geographic" that shows styles form major metropolitan cities including New York, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. Philly is not on the list. :(

The 37-year-old model has also gone back to Harvard Business School, too. I would say that's a smart move. Glad to see Tyra is doing so well. Are you all Tyra fans?

In other supermodel news,  Jourdan Dunn will be the new spokesmodel for H&M's nre preppy line. Heard that tip, via Rhonda Ryan and FB - who got it from the blog, Talking with Tami. I'm thinking I like this blog. Guess I'll be learning about Tami, too.