The winner is: Gap Essential Fit... But Who Knows For How Long?

Why is it that every time I find a pair of pants that I like, that work for me... The company goes along and changes the cuts so that they don't work any more... At All! There was a time, when I had a few stores that I went in and I knew the pants would fit me. Those days are over. I'm back at square one. Nothing fits. Its as frustrating as my quest to get an iPhone thanks to AT&T, but that's another issue.

Let's talk about jeans first. At least there is a happy ending there. So I was at Cherry Hill Mall on Saturday, checking out the scene with the new editions and construction, when I wandered into the Gap lured by the long sleeved T-shirts on sale 2 for $25. I got distracted by the jeans - Gap jeans used to fit perfectly. The Reverse fit, back in the day. They discontinued that cut.  

I pick up a pair of dark washed straight leg jeans, that looked to be about my size and disappeared into the dressing room. They wouldn't go over my hips! Stopped mid knee. I read the label.. Slim fit. (Sigh) I walk back out. Excuse me, "Can you tell me where curvy jeans are?" The waif of a sales girl pointed to the left side of the store. This whole wall is curvy, she says. I pick up two eights, two 10s and two 12's in every curvy cut. The hangers are so heavy, my arm is about to fall off. None of the jeans fit. Too big, or too small. Too light, or too dark. Too short, or too long. 

Hot from pulling my clothes on and off, I now notice a pair of jeans I hadn't tried yet. Gap Essential fit folded in perfect squares just to the right of the curvy section. I put in my legs. Closed my eyes. Whoosh, the jeans slid over my hips:  Short rise. Longish legs, but that's better than too short. (It's hard when you are between a petite and a regular size...) So, hippy sisters, I'm proud to report, I found a new jean for us: Gap Essentials at the bargain basement price of  $59.50.  I wonder how long these will last.  

Trousers are my next pet peeve. Basically, someone tell me why Banana Republic decided to mess with their Martin fit. These pants were expensive, but they fit... They took the Martin fit - which used to be formulated for a small waist and rounder hips and gave them area codes (I kid you not) 213, 718 and 215. 213- California is a sleeker fit. 718 - Brooklyn/Queens (that I thought would be fabulous considering that's the area code of my origin) gives you a little more room in the hips and 215 is for the every day girl. You would think of these would work, but no. They have gone and jacked up the delicate hip/waist ratio again.

Did you have a favorite pair of pants that were ruined by style updates? Share...