The Willow Smith Version

Anyway, the Sesame Street video was such a big hit that You-Tubers have already co-opted it and adding Willow Smith's catchy fashion tune "I Whip My Hair" as the backdrop .  (FYI Willow is actors' Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's fashion forward daughter.) 

While I'm torn about 9-year-old Willow's a little too grown up performance, this You-Tube called Willow Smith vs. Sesame Street dance video is priceless. It's so cute. Sesame Street dance puppets always crack me up, but the little brown puppet bopping back and forth with mock braids, dreads and an Afro is just... adorable. Here's an idea: Maybe Willow should make an appearance on the show. (She should just make sure she checks with singer Katy Perry about what not to wear.

Anyway, check out the Willow version here. Philly, tell us what you think of both.