Fat Tie Knots Rule in Men's Fashion

Deion Sanders on NFL Network. Credited for bringing the fat knot to sportscasters.

During a football game, a friend of mine asked me: "Are ties with fat knots in now?"  I looked up and there was former coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy in a tie punctuated by an enormously fat knot.  I hadn't really noticed this before. There had been some chitter chatter about ascots - especially as seen on CNN's Roland Martin. But ties with thick knots? I guess I wasn't paying attention. Then we did research by way of Google. Jay-Z? Yep. Diddy? Of Course? Chris Brown? He not only admistered fat knots, he wears them too. I checked with a girlfriend. She'd noticed the fat knots on nearly all of the ESPN sports anchors this weekend. I looked them up: Keyshawn Jackson, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson. All of them. What is this neck trend all about? I checked with Baba Renfrow of Distante Clothing, a high-end menswear store in Center City. Of course, the trend had its beginnings a few years ago in the Hip-hop world, but trickled into sports on the neck of Deion Sanders of the NFL Network. Said Renfrow: We can thank the popularity of dress shirts with wide-spread collars. "Tiny knots just don't look right with them,"  Not sure how to get that knot perfectly big? Check in with Renfrow at Distante. They'll show you how to tie it right. What do you think?