Sarah Palin Arrives in Philadelphia Suited Up

Republican volunteers from Montgomery County (from left) Eileen Petrille, Corinne Morgan, Traci Dallas-Opdahl, Mary Obel and Joanne Markey (hidden), meet Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on the tarmac in Philadelphia. (Jessica Griffin / Inquirer)

Sarah Palin arrived at Philadelphia International Airport yesterday wearing a smart belted grey jacket and tailored black trousers with spicy black pumps. Classically appropriate! The bespectaled vice-presidential candidate won't make any campaign appearances, her spokesman Paul Lindsay said, until the economic crisis is solved. (At this rate, that may be never.)  It appears that Palin will also prepare for her vice-presidential debate with Joe Biden here, as well. (That might be a good idea after Palin's interview this week with Katie Couric.) The debate is scheduled for next Thursday. The Inquirer reported today that according to several Republican sources, Palin was scheduled to attend a debate watching party with McCain campaign volunteers at the Irish Pub on Walnut near 20th Street. Think Palin will let her hair down at the pub?