Rochelle Bilal, Comforting? Yes.

James Heaney/ Staff Photographer. Something about Bilal's no nonsense look says she's dedicated to making her city safe.

I want to thank my colleague Monica Yant Kinney for writing today about Philadelphia Police officer Rochelle Bilal, president of the black police officers' Guardian Civic League. I'm greatful the city has someone like her to stop racism at the hands of law enforcement officers in its ugly tracks.  Well, if anyone can handle the bull, she can. Her actions - not to mention her Afro - earned her the nickname, Angela Davis. Her sculpted brows, her pursed lips remind me of sisters on a mission.  Kind? Yes. Purposeful? Yes. It's the don't mess with her look we need.  Yeah, I know this is not really fashion and some of you may not care, but I was struck by her take no nonsense style and at the same time I was comforted buy it.  It screamed, "Go head, give us your best shot!" and in Bilal's kind of business that's the kind of style this city needs.