Plus-Sized Halloween Costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes aren't just for the skinny.

Curvy girls can now express themselves this Halloween with special costumes made to fit them. I took a look at the line and I think they are tasteful and a hoot. The school girl is cute. The dominatrix type is well, uh interesting. But my favorite is the leggy witch and the hottie angel. To check out the entire line, log on to, a Santa Monica-based a plus-sized lingerie web site for full figured divas. Pretty cool, huh? Good Luck and Happy Halloween. -- I will note there is no Snooki Polizzi costume on this site. So, if you are trying to go as the cheap, Jersey Shore chica - which I hear is the number 1 costume this year - you are left to your own devices. Not that she's not plus-sized... She's just so, oh well, Yuck.  Anwyay, what do you want to be for Halloween this year?