Pandora - The Latest Craze in Jewelry. Yes, Really!

Ssshh... Here's my latest fashion tip for you. Mykonos - a boutique in Glen Mills has a shop-in-shop store for Pandora jewelry! Yes, we kid you not. Nice, right? Apparently this jewelry is right up there with UGGS and SillyBandz when it comes to fashion trends. Did you know this? 
Pandora - a Danish brand - is best known for these charm bracelets. Shoppers like them because they are able to personalize them with of charms and beads symbolic of good feelings: love, peace, friendship and happiness.  And since an average bracelet costs about $60,  the sterling silver pieces are reasonably priced. (Although depending on the charms, some have paid up to $600 for them.) Funny, low prices haven't stopped a major knock-off craze, but what do you expect from fashion? You know the real ones because each charm and bracelet are  in scripted with ALE-925. (ALE for Pandora and 925 for sterling silver.)
Personally, I'm into the symbolic jewelry trend.  It's nice to have something around your neck - or this case your wrist - that's more about positive life experiences than luxury. Last year, I bought my first Me&Ro necklace with the charms faith, charity and hope. I wear it every day.
Are you into the Pandora jewelry craze?