Third debate fashion round up: Michelle Obama dazzles, Ann Romney doesn't

I loved the heather grey and lace dress Michelle Obama donned during Monday night's debates.  I later learned it was designed by Thom Brown and that FLOTUS wore it the second night of the Democratic National Convention. Good choice. It was serious, yet playful. Dark, but not maudlin.

I was all ready to like Ann Romney's choice, too. The emerald green shade was striking. The clear necklace was big, but I liked the lightness of the accessory. Romney's hair and makeup was close to flawless. Then she stood up and I saw the whole look - it was actually a jacket and skirt - and I shook my head in major fashion disapproval.

The ombre-floral thing she had going on at the hem of the skirt looked really matronly on her. The thin belt was a style no-no. I wonder how Oscar de la Renta felt when he saw it.

The race to the White House this election season was full of by-the-watercooler-fashion chatter.  Like it or not, style played an integral role how we viewed candidates. Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both dressed like supportive wives.

Overall, I thought Obama's look was sleek, well-practiced and always on point, while Romney opted for a label-heavy, yet Dress Barn look. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't.

Did any of this style chatter matter in the mind of voters?

I will write about image and the race to the White House for tomorrow's paper.

In the meantime, what do you think?