Fabulous Over 70 at The Watermark at Logan Square

me and Thelma Miller from King of Prussia. Photos courtesy The Logan at Watermark.

About two weeks ago, I gave a talk at The Watermark at Logan Square in Center City to a vivacious group of senior citizens who wanted to be fabulous over 70.

The woman in this picture is the lovely, 80-year-old, Thelma Miller, who lives in King of Prussia. 

Here is our picture together. Mrs. Miller looks fabulous, doesn't she?

And this is an excerpt from my speech. Read her story and see some of my tips for being fabulous over 70. But really, these tips apply to women of all ages. Enjoy.

Just last week I was on the phone with a woman, who reads my column, Mirror, Mirror, told me she was coming here and had an urgent fashion request. She told me she ordered a pocketbook from QVC.  It was a burgundy, glazed leather. She desparately wanted to know what I thought of glazed leather? Was it cheap? Should she keep it. Her daughter in law said she should get rid of it. I asked her if she loved it. She said, "Yes!" So I told her to keep it. Keep it. Keep it. Who cares what her daughter-in-law thinks.

And that illustrates my first rule in being fabulous. If you like it, then it’s okay.

If YOU feel good in it, it’s OK!

If it makes YOU happy, it’s definitely OK.

If YOUR kids don’t like it, So what?  (Me included, shout out to my mom!)

Labels don’t matter.  How much you paid for it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how you feel in it and if it looks good on you.

You can shop ANYWHERE you want! The important thing is that you need to be able to afford it. 

Back fat isn't appropriate at any age.

Yes you can wear pink and red together, blue and green or yellow and orange oh and brown with black.

You are NEVER too old to wear Mary Janes.

Enhancements are OKAY.

Not having enhancements are OKAY too.

Never, ever, ever settle for the blue rinse… Ever….