Janet Jackson Wears Perfect High Waisted, Midi Pencil Skirt Look.

This is it! This is the look I was talking about. Last week I wrote I blogged about fall fashion and bigged up the midi pencil skirt. I also wrote a Mirror Image column last month hailing it. The midi pencil skirt's hem length varies from  just below the knee to mid calf. Many of you wrote back asking, how can curvy women wear that look? You said it was only for thin women! You all got mad! Well, look at Ms. Jackson!  She looks marvelous. She is definitely not a beanpole and this totally works on her. This is what I was talking about. OK, I'm off my style soapbox. In other news, we hope Janet is feeling better And, should she give Jermaine Dupri another chance?  More importantly, what do you think about the look?