Saturday, February 28, 2015

Super Bowl Weekend DVDs

This weeks DVD is..."Blubberella?"

Super Bowl Weekend DVDs

It's Super Bowl weekend, and it looks like studio DVD divisions are releasing a bunch of movies that folks really didn't go for in theaters.

Justin Timberlake's sci-fi outing "In Time" had some interesting ideas (in the future, time is another commodity controlled by the rich), but made only $37 million. We also get the reboot of "The Thing" and the Jim Sheridan thriller "Dream House" starring Dan Craig. Also "The Big Year," the bird-watching movie featuring Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin. Critics loved "Drive," starring Ryan Gosling as a stoic getaway driver mixed up in mob activity (with Albert Brooks against type as a mobster), but be warned -- unlike the cars in the movie, it moves at a very deliberate pace. 

There's a decent documentary -- "Thunder Soul" about a Houston high school band leader who changed the lives of his students.

And there's "Blubberella," a straight-to-video comedy about a super-heroine for the age of morbid obesity. It's from noted boxer/filmmaker Uwe Boll, who will beat you up if you give him a bad review (seriously).  It certainly has the best title of the bunch. 

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