The expanded list of ten Oscar nominees usually includes an indie or three, and I'd bet this year "Win WIn" will be one of them.

Ex-Jersey wrestler turned actor turned director Tom McCarthy helmed this story of a teen (Alex Shaffer), abandoned by his mother, who goes looking for his grandfather (Burt Young), now mentally incompetent and in the care of a lawyer (Paul Giamatti).

Giamatti is the school wrestling coach, the boy turns out to be a phenomenally gifted wrestler (and is played by a real HS grappler), and from there the Jersey-set story goes in several interesting directions. Great cast, with able support from Amy Ryan, Bobby Canavale.

The curious can also take a look this week at "The Beaver," featuring Mel Gibson as mentally disturbed man who starts to deal with the world by speaking through the sock puppet on the end of his arm. It's less bad than it sounds, and certainly wins points for originality. THe conceit is put over by a very good cast -- Jodie Foster (she directs) as the wife, Anton Yelchin the estranged son, and there's a role for Jennifer Lawrence.

Horror buffs will want to check out Norway's "Trollhunter," which puts a new spin on the found-footage idea.