Lykke Li's 'Get Some'


I'm putting together a list of upcoming albums and shows worth getting excited about - more on that in this coming Sunday's Inquirer A & E section - and Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes is near the top. On her new single, "Get Some," the Swedish songstress sings, "I'm your prostitute, you're gonna get some." But keep your shirts on, boys and girls. Li, whose "Little Bit" was one of the standout singles of 2008, is not talking about that kind of prostitute.

As she told Pitchfork in an interview in November, "it's not about being a sex prostitute. It's about this power play in the war of the sexes. It's a rat race, like, "I'm in charge," "No, I'm in charge." A lot of times females are in charge because they kind of have the pussy power. If they say, "I'm you're prostitute," then they mean, "I'm the power."

Li went on to say that the inspiration for "Get Some," was Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami's mind blowing masterwork  The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. "There's a woman that calls herself a mind prostitute and she goes into this man's mind so he thinks that they're getting it on; he fantasizes about her. They're not doing it, she's just in his mind to steal information." Wounded Rhymes comes out March 1.

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