Fishtown Opry, Free Form Freqs


Tonight's the night to don your Nudie Suit and put down the cash on the barrelhead. The Philly Opry is at Johnny Brenda's, providing a countrified outlet for your cabin fever. It's Birdie Busch's baby, and the Philadelphia singer-songwriter who's latest is the rootsy Pattern of Saturn, tops a bill that includes superbly named Brooklyn acoustic country swingers the Sweetback Sisters and self described Philadelphia "singer and songsmith" Scott Pryor.   

Saturday at the Fishtown venue, the music takes a more expansive turn with the Free From Funky Freqs, the likely to be mind blowing trio of Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, Philadelphia mopnster bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and drummer G. Calvin Weston, who's played with Ornette Coleman and James "Blood" Ulmer, among others. Ghetto Songbird and Blue To The Max are also on the bill.

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