Fanfarlo Foofaraw


So I'm a sucker for alliteration: There's not really an unwarranted excessive fuss being made over Fanfarlo, the charming London based band fronted by Swedish singer Simon Balthazar who play the First Unitarian Church tonight with Laurence Arabia and Robert Francis. (Tickets here.) What fuss there is, is well deserved, about the indie pop outfit filled with multi-instrumentalists who made crafty use of a trumpet, violin and melodica when they played a NPR show at the World Cafe Live in December, and who, along with an Arcade Fire-style attack bear more than a passing sonic resemblance to the Euro chansonerie of Beirut's Zach Condon. Hear the NPR concert here. See the video for "The Walls Are Coming Down," featuring escape artist Roslyn Walker, from the Fanfarlo debut, Reservoir, below.

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