Charlie Watts Staying Put?

Rest easy, Rolling Stones fans. This morning my computer told me that the Charlie Watts was leaving the Rolling Stones. Surely a death knell for the band, whose 68 year old rock-solid anchor, who's in remission from throat cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2004, sits on the Stones throne as the the most elegantly restrained  and swinging drummer in rock 'n' roll. The news was reported by Australian web site Undercover, and quickly spread all over the Web, potentially putting the kibosh on Mick Jagger's capacity to earn in 2010, when the Stones are expected to go back out on the road.

But by this afternoon, it wasn't true anymore, with Stones spokeswoman Fran Curtis telling Entertainment Weekly that "Contrary to a fabricated story that ran this morning, Charlie Watts has not left the Rolling Stones." What with this, and the news of the investigation of Brian Jones death being reopened, it would seem that the Stones are trying to keep their old arch rivals, The Beatles, who will be reborn in video game form next Wednesday, out of the headlines. Below, a look into the world of Watts.