Behind the scenes at Union Transfer

Union Transfer, the new rock club at 10th and Spring Garden, opened on Wednesday night with Calp Your Hands Say Yeah as it's first headliner. I wrote about it here and here.

The one thing I'd add to what I already said is that it would be good if Union Transfer put some bar stools in the place. It's a standing general admission concert venue, sure, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for those who tire of standing over the course of a two or three act bill to have some place to park their tuckus, particular in the back bars where you're not going to be watching the band, anyway.


Before it opened, camera guy Jon Anderson shot a video of R5 promoter Sean Agnew and I talking about what Union Transfer was, is, and aims to be. That's below. Channy Moon Casselle of Polica, the first band to play on the UT stage, is pictured.

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