Trump: I paid $3.7 million for South Jersey club

"He did purchase the club for that amount," $3.7 million, confirms Eric Quinn, general manager of the former Pine Hill country club, now Trump National Golf Club - Philadelphia. 

That sale dates to last December; I reported the price for the first time Wednesday, after hearing it from local real estate and golf club sources. The buyers didn't announce and weren't commenting on the price, but after I published the number - a bargain, compared to club assessment values in the inflationary mid-2000s - Quinn says Trump told him to confirm it.

"We have doubled our membership," which "was at 325 since we bought it," Quinn added. "A lot of those members came from Woodcrest," the nearby Cherry Hill club whose members are fighting with their bank, Sun National. Trump "wants us to be the best club in South Jersey," said manager Quinn. Well, sure...