Gasparino drops CNBC, joins Fox

Charlie Gasparino, the ex-Wall St Journal reporter turned breaking-news-and-business-gossip reporter for CNBC, has switched to smaller but well-funded Fox Business Network. 

A former Wall Street Journal and Newsweek reporter, Gasparino was the first to report that the federal government was considering a bailout of the insurance giant American International Group," reports Washington Post's Howard Kurtz here. He quotes Gasparino: "My job is to rip the lungs out of the competition for Fox Business Network."

Also says Kurtz: "Fox Business reaches 50 million homes, about half as many as CNBC. In recent weeks the Fox channel has averaged between 50,000 and 80,000 viewers. CNBC drew 236,000 last month, a 24 percent drop over the previous year but still several times larger than Fox's audience." Bloomberg TV is also in there, somewhere.