Dykstra: Is Street.com's Jim Cramer stealing my act?

Writes ex-Phillies star turned investment pitchman Lenny Dykstra, in an email, of his former online home: "TheStreet.com is owned by Jim Cramer, for whom I had always held tremendous respect. Nonetheless, I am disappointed with TheStreet.com as they truly let me and my followers down. As far as the reasons behind my absence at TheStreet.com, I can only guess. However, it seems that perhaps jealousy or greed may have been a factor.

"As many of you know, my newsletter was the #1 such publication in the history of TheStreet.com, and I therefore presume that I was cast off to so that the TheStreet.com might attempt to duplicate my strategy and make it their own.

"Today, when you type in "Lenny Dykstra" at TheStreet.com, Jon Najasrian comes up as he was apparently meant to replace me. I am no longer associated with TheStreet.com and have no control over their actions. Although I am saddened by the situation, I nonetheless love what I do and am as committed as ever to continuing to serve my subscribers." He wants fans to check out his "new home" at www.NailsInvestments.com