DuPont's herbicide burned its own golf club trees

Damaged trees at the company-owned DuPont Country Club near the company's headquarters in Wilmington. (Photo by Joseph N. DiStefano)

As I first reported yesterday, evergreens at DuPont Country Club, near the chemical giant's Wilmington headquarters, show damage similar to the dead and twisted needles and branches associated with DuPont's new herbicide, Imprelis.

DuPont has now acknowledged the connection, and disclosed damage at a second company site in Delaware. The company's statement:

"Some of our customers have observed damage to sensitive trees associated with the use of our new herbicide Imprelis -- and so have we.

"We applied Imprelis at Stine-Haskell and the DuPont Country Club this spring, and several white pine trees there are showing signs of injury.

"We have provided our customers information on how to care for trees showing signs of stress, and we are using those same methods ourselves. Some of our trees are responding positively to this care."