Comcast producer/reporter is also online TV star

We haven't seen The League, an online comedy about a couple of killers, set in sleepy Wilmington, of all places. And we're not real fond of mob shows generally. ("There's no Mafia, there's just a certain way of doing business...") 

But this profile of Comcast "senior producer of commerce" and "entertainment reporter" Gordon Holmes (we read it in Gannett's Spark free weekly) drove us to League's cast list, which shows the show is produced by a flourishing little community of locally-based actors and writers, right here in our Philly backyard.

Does this mean Comcast is, directly or indirectly, making the region an entertainment production node? Maybe encouraging stuff that will one day fill its proprietary online video schedule?   Or is this kind of show happening everywhere? Whatever. Nice to see folks able to work in that industry without moving across the country.