The Countdown Is On

Just a few notes before I head out for my last weekend of sanity before the season starts. Penn State will release the Coastal Carolina pre-game depth chart on Monday at 7 p.m. I'll have it posted as soon as it's released, but don't expect to have a clear answer as to who's the starter at quarterback. More than likely, it will say "Daryll Clark OR Pat Devlin."

Joe Paterno's weekly teleconference is set for its usual 12:30 start on Tuesday. But don't expect the coach to have much to say as to who's the starter at quarterback. Well, he may say Clark's the starter, but he'll quell that statement by emphasizing that Devlin will get close to equal the amount of time. I'll have a brief synopsis of the Q&A immediately following.

Some player interviews are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. If anything monumental is said I'll have a recap here.

This will likely be the way I'll handle these weekly events throughout the season. Thanks for sticking with Lion Eyes thus far. It's sure to get better. I hope.