PSU stands for ...

... Pretty stupid university. And yes, I'm a grad. The athletic department sent out a release on Monday that spring practice would kick off Wednesday with media availability of coach Joe Paterno and selected players. A few reporters, however, received a heads up that this could be canceled if the basketball team won at Florida in last night's NIT quarterfinals. Apparently, coach Joe Paterno didn't want to upstage the hoops squad (It's the NIT, Joe!).

Of course, no one expected the Lions to win. The Gators were 18-1 at home this season and this is, after all, Penn State basketball. But woe and behold, the Lions actually won the thing to advance to the semis in New York.This morning I texted Paterno consigliare Guido D'Elia, "What now?" He responded, "No go." An hour later I received a call from the communications department that today's session was being postponed till Friday.

I don't expect my readers to shed a tear, but if you were expecting a story in tomorrow's paper, don't. The NIT semis, by the way, are on Tuesday. I don't know how today would have stomped on the basketball team's parade. Again, it's the NIT!

UPDATE: Friday's press conference will be a joint venture with the basketball team piggybacking on the football team. Coach Ed DeChellis and his hoopsters will be interviewed first at 2:30 p.m., followed by coach Joe Paterno and his charges at 3:40 p.m. Aside from the fact that I don't cover Lions basketball, I can't imagine why I would arrive early.