Largest Nittanyville ever sets up for Penn State - Ohio State game

If you want a tangible way to measure excitement on campus for Saturday's game against Ohio State, drive by Beaver Stadium -- Gate A, to be exact.

Yes, the game is five days away. No, that's not too early for some Penn State students.

The largest group in Nittanyville history plopped up tents on Monday night, in preparation for this week's game which features the Big Ten Leaders Division's top two teams.

There were 1,185 students signed up to camp in 140 tents. According to group president Troy Weller, that's the largest population ever. It beats the previous high of 111 tents, set in 2007 for a game against Notre Dame. 

Of the 140 tents, 130 signed up within the first two minutes of registration.

Nittanyville, known as Paternoville before this season, has been a Penn State tradition since 2005.

Ohio State and Penn State are both undefeated in Big Ten play -- and both bowl ineligible.

Activities are planned all week for the campers, including a dunk contest with the Penn State basketball team on Tuesday.

When the tents went up at 11 p.m., it was cool and in the 50s. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow.

Doesn't matter for these Penn State fans. They've already weathered a 0-2 start. Now, they're ready for the biggest game of the season.

-Emily Kaplan