'Five more years' for Paterno

So I'm supposed to write this story for yesterday on the by-now annual rumors of Joe Paterno's impending retirement. Every year there's talk that this year the home finale will be the Penn State coach's final game at Beaver Stadium. Yeah, tell me another one. Anyway, I'm talking to Jay Paterno and I ask Joe's son if he remembers the first time he heard speculation that his father might hang up his black cleats. He said he recently ran across a 1983 Daily Collegian that ran right after Joe won his first national championship. In the article, Paterno said that he hoped to coach "three-to-five" more years. I figured the topic had come up before, so I searched our archives and LexisNexis (a search engine for thousands of publications) and find stories from Sept. 1981 in which Paterno had to deflect rumors that he was to retire upon the season's conclusion. Go figure. Well, you can read the rest of this morning's story here.