You've (not) got mail

Print media are not having a good century.

Bookstores are closing. Newspapers are shrinking. And (not) coming soon to a mailbox near you: Cards and letters on Saturdays.


The US Postal Service has announced -- the press release carries a cheery headline about a "new" schedule -- that it will eliminate the sixth day of deliveries of first-class mail, except for packages, beginning August 5. The move, or re-move, is supposed to save the private agency $2 billion annually.

The announcement was hailed by some, with supporters of the cut saying they doubt most people will care, or even notice.

Others assailed the plan. Vintage U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ issued a statement calling it "unfortunate" and saying "serious questions remain as to whether piecemeal efforts like this one will do anything to secure [its] long-term viability."  And U.S. Sen. Bernie Saunders, the venerable socialist from Vermont, vowed to fight the re-move.

But anyone hoping social media would provide a protest platform may be disappointed: At 7:45 AM Thursday a Facebook group, "Keep Saturday Mail Delivery," had just 17 members.