The Shadow of Bubba

We'll be live-blogging a couple of big speeches tonight, the third of the Democrats' convention in Denver, and an evening that Politico has dubbed "The Shadow of Bubba."

Everyone could wind up in that shade, but it's U.S. Sen. Joe Biden in particular that Glenn Thrush worries for most in the piece.


A hard act to follow. Will there be any words (or time) left after the speech of former President Bill Clinton, who has been making a bit of a fuss about his role. The Obama campaign asked him to talk about national security, but Clinton is said to want to hit the Republicans for what has happened to the economy as well.

Clinton has told organizers that he'll skip Obama's Thursday night's acceptance at Oresco Field, prompting more headlines that distract from the Democrats' aim of sharpening people's perceptions of Obama and his platform and sticking it to the opposition. (Or, as as Dick Polman writes duct-taping McCain to Bush.)

Either way, with two famously long-winded orators queued up, Politico warns, "it could be a very long night."

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