Take That Rock To the Hole, Barack!

Chris Rabb, writing in Afro-Netizen, watches Barack Obama blithely bowl and is not impressed. What Obama should do, Rabb argues, is do what he does more naturally, what he did for the Punahou School, what white voters would be far more comfortable with. 

Barack is a baller. Be that baller, Rabb says:

Blog Image 317527 - Rubin

Quiet as it's kept, many millions of White guys dream of being Black basketball players. And whatever draw bowling may have on that demographic, it will never surpass the beauty and catharsis of basketball. And it is this game that will indelibly mark Obama's viability and unique vitality in this race for president.

It's a unique perspective from the Yale-educated, African-American Philadelphia blogger and sometime political activist:

Forget Obama the constitutional law professor. Forget Obama the civil rights attorney or community organizer. Forget the Ivy-educated Halfrican whose long-time pastor too many Whitefolk believe hates America.

Just let him clutch that rock, and all else will fade away when he drains it from the top of the key.

If Obama would only show some of his skills we would not need some procedure out of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind of to rid our brains of those pictures of Sen. Kerry in his windsurfing suit.