Shake Your Doppleganger

So Kim Kardashian has filed lawsuit against Old Navy for airing that "Super C-U-T-E" ad campaign starring a hot, leggy brunette who is not her, but looks like her and - in a sick twist best discussed with a therapist on a future episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians - is purportedly dating her former squeeze, Reggie Bush.

Kardashian fears the much-seen commercials may trick consumers into believing she'd wear Old Navy clothes. Real fans know the fashionista prefers her "Kardashian Kollection," sold only at Sears. (Given the family's admiration for alliteration, I'm surprised she didn't sign with Kmart.)

"She's a businesswoman who has to protect her brand," an insider tells Us magazine. "Bottom line."

(Pun intended? Surely you heard about the reality star's recent on-air butt X-ray? If not, see video.)

The squeaky-voiced Queen of E! hopes to emulate other celebrities who have hit paydirt for doing nothing than being themselves: Bette Midler (vs. Ford Motor Co.), Vanna White (slapping Samsung for an ad featuring a robot game show hostess in a blond wig) and Jackie O, who once stopped Christian Dior from emulating her.

This, of course, prompts me to think about a few of the people I've been told I resemble. Take a gander. They're all way more famous than I am. Could I sue them for standing in my way?

-- Monica Yant Kinney