Philly's Worst Beer Geek

Sunday marked the last drop of Philly Beer Week, which, as these things sometimes happen, lasted a suds-filled 10 days but who’s counting?

Prohibition Tap Room was host Saturday to one of our favorite events “Philly’s Worst Beer Geek.” The cozy corner bar on N. 5th, “compiled ten truly AWFUL beers along with “eight truly EPIC beers.”

The trick was to blind taste test five of the five awful beers and the bar would tap the epic keg of the winner’s chosing.

The first person to guess 10 out of the terrible 10 correctly would be named “Philly’s Worst Beer Geek” and awarded “braffing rights, rightous prizes” and three kegs from the reserve list.

For the record, Prohibition’s 10 atrocities are: Tecate, MGD 64, Genesee Cream Ale (we endured this awful ale during the 12-month winter we lived in Rochester), Bud Light Lime (when Bud Light isn’t bad enough), Red Dog, Milwaukee’s Best Light, Hurricane, Busch, Natty Light and — drumroll please — Colt 45.

Forty patrons tried for the five for five.

Hhow many geeks knew their ghastly brews? Three.

One beer connoisseur — or, specifically, the opposite — was able to name eight of 10.

This means “the crown is still available,” says Prohibition manager Jon Lyons.

Yes, you could become the Worst Beer Geek. Noted Lyons, "maybe I need to pick beers that are a little bit more discernible.”


--Karen Heller