Obama vs. Romney: Fast and furious

If the first Obama-Romney debate was tedious -- particularly for viewers wondering whether the President would wake (or show) up -- the second was downright testy.

Up close and personal before an audience that appeared to be about as "undecided" as Karl Rove, the two alpha males in suits bobbed, weaved, and lashed out at each other in the red-carpeted arena. The 90 minutes flew by as fast as the fact-challenged zingers.

As for the optics: Obama looked more like that energetic hope/change guy of 2008, rather than the soporific substitute teacher we endured two weeks ago.

Romney appeared to be a tad tired, and seemed less refreshing than the hard-charging game-changer who roared out of the gate in Denver and left the incumbent in the wonky weeds.

Also on Tuesday, the Republican challenger had his hands full trying to handle moderator Candy Crowley, about whom some conservatives quickly Tweeted up a storm. And not in a good way.

But by the time Crowley either did or didn't  toss Obama a lifeline about Benghazi, Romney had already tried and failed to get back that smooth Colorado groove some believe already won him the White House.

Seems a guy who looks like he still wants the job of president is back, and standing in the way.