Not in our backyard

Nearly 250 residents of Merchantville and Cherry Hill have signed a petition against a proposed 150-foot cell phone tower in their neighborhood.

The Cherry Hill Zoning Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the matter at 7:30 tonight (Thursday, April 12) at the township offices, 820 Mercer Street.


"There are better places for this tower," says Dorothy Foley, one of the leading opponents of the tower, which would rise on the northwest portion of the Merchantville County Club property. "I'll have a view of it from my backyard."

Residents have plastered the area with signs assailing the tower and promoting their website ( They also have organized on Facebook, and Foley has gathered "fifty very thoughtful, heartfelt comments" from neighbors worried about aesthetics, as well as public health.

I'm not sure there's evidence these towers are dangerous.

But I certainly know ugly when I see it.

Foley and the other residents are right: There are better places for this tower.