How Philly Got its Gay On

Philly has more than earned its rep for being hopelessly nostalgic and stuck in the past, so it's a delight to read my colleague Melissa Dribben's piece today about one area where city leaders turned our obsession with history upside down: marketing to gay tourists.

This city (and newspaper, for that matter) has had its share of lame slogans and pathetic come-ons. (Remember the Inky's "Best to Read it Every Day" campaign? It seemed like such a threat. Like if you didn't subscribe, a beefy reporter would storm your house and club you in the knees at the breakfast table.)

For my money, Philly tourism officials (who include, in full disclosure, my friend Jeff Guaracino) came up with one of their best-ever pitches in attempting to lure the ultra-lucrative LGBT tourist market to the City of Brotherly Love:

"Get your history straight and your nightlife gay."


- Monica Yant Kinney


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