Glass houses

At another newspaper in the late ‘70s, one of my editors sometimes wore a “Camden Lives” T-shirt.

I was reminded of that bit of sartorial sarcasm by the “Live Camden” slogan of the new campaign to encourage home ownership.

Along with four major medical institutions, three banks, and other partners, the city is offering people who work in Camden incentives to buy homes there.

The program focuses on several key neighborhoods that are showcased at

“It’s our desire that this site clearly portray all that’s good about life in Camden,” says David Foster, president of the Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, which is working with Mayor Dana Redd’s administration on the campaign.

Needless to say, some news site commentators already are throwing stones at the notion that “anybody” would want to live in Camden -- as if the city’s 80,000 people aren’t anybody.

The home ownership campaign is "a joke," says one.

"Won't work," proclaims another.

Look, I have no plans to move to the city; the 'burbs are where I want to be.

But I applaud Live Camden, along with the dozens of other public and private organizations and thousands of citizens working hard to ensure that “Camden Lives.”