Campbell gets a groove on

Campbell Soup seemed retro even when I was a kid.

Back then, TV moms wore dresses as they served Dad, Junior and Sis hearty bowls of chicken noodle in glorious black-and-white. Mad Men of the era undoubtedly found the company's commercials to be dullsville, baby, but their  charm (not to mention, the sturdy brand) endures.


These days the Camden-based company is wooing 20-somethings with its "Go" line, featuring pouches of vaguely artisanal soups such as "Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda."

The state-of-the-fab Go marketing features the semi-ironic quirkiness believed appealing to "milennials," such as goofy Instagram-like photos of various hipsters.

Whatever the qualityof the soups -- several sound rather tasty, even to this Baby Boomer -- there is something endearing about Campbell's latest attempt at grooviness. It's downright old-fashioned.