Hell hath no fury like a Sweeney scorned.

N.J. Senate President Steve Sweeney melts down -- and then some -- in an interview with the Star-Ledger, describing his erstwhile ally Chris Christie with the sort of language that recently earned pundit Mark Halperin a public spanking and then an indefinite suspension from MSNBC.

Halperin described President Obama as a male appendage, using a slang term that starts with ‘d.’

Sweeney opted for the one that begins with a ‘p.’

That’s among Sweeney’s more congenial remarks about Christie; the state’s top Democrat clearly feels personally as well as politically betrayed by the Republican governor.

After all, Sweeney and state Assembly Majority Leader Sheila Oliver, along with Democrat legislators who owe their political careers (and sometimes, livelihoods) to party bosses in North and South Jersey, gave Christie enough across-the-aisle votes to pass pension and benefits reform legislation.

The governor returned the favor by eviscerating the Democrats’ proposed 2012 budget with the sort of gory exactitude worthy of a CSI episode, and then tossing it in the gutter.

Where, alas, we now find Sweeney, whose tantrum will surely prove to be yet another triumph.

For Christie.