Ban the bad Sarah Palin e-mails.

Another one of those frightening Sarah Palin e-mails arrived in my poor inbox today -- this one about all of the books she tried to ban when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Four Harry Potter tales.


Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman

"Brave New World." "The Canterbury Tales."

This must be stopped.

Except, a quick check of my favorite crap-detecting site, Snopes, shows this e-mail is bogus.

She didn't try to ban them. The book burning flames were further fanned by a Time magazine blog that attributes, second-hand, comments to a librarian who has since said that isn't what happened at all. (The mayor never mentioned a book by name when she questioned the librarian about the policy for removing 'objectionable' books, Snopes reports, citing an Anchorage Daily News report.) So we've got a blaze of bad information.

Opponents don't help their cause by making up things about the Republican vice president candidate. There's plenty to really fear.

But if they were to make things up, I'd hope they were as inspired as this guy was in creating his better list of books the Alaska Gov. has banned.