Sexy Fights Back

Johnny_green_martini_1 "Putting the IQ in Risque" is Johnny Goodtimes' bald pitch for press today, as he aims to get some pub for his Third Annual Quizzo Bowl, scheduled for Feb. 3 at the World Cafe Live.

Observers of counter-programming will notice that Saturday's gig shares a weekend with Wing Bowl, the annual Taste of Fellini held at the Wachovia Center.

"This is about more than making Quizzo sexy," he writes by e-mail. "It's about making Philadelphia sexy." The 215 unsexiness, he offers, is "a stereotype perpetuated by the Neanderthal eating contest that takes place every year. Trashy has had it too good in this town for too long. On February 3rd, sexy fights back."

We have no idea what he's actually talking about - surprise is one of the hallmarks of Johnny Goodtimes' entertainment philosophy. Talent at past Quizzo Bowls have included bellydancers, Johnny Cash impersonators, breakdancers and other sideshow attractions.

He promises to be more specific once he has all his acts inked.

What we know at this point is that the winner will walk away with $500 "and the respect of every nerd in the Delaware Valley." Up to eight trivial pursuers can play on each team.

55th_army_band_022028custom29 Quizzo, is a trivia game exported from Irish pubs more than a decade ago. The City Paper and Philadelphia Magazine have named Goodtimes the metropolis' best Quizzo master.

Tickets can be purchases at the World Cafe Live web site.

UPDATE: JGT announced the line-up this afternoon. Look for The Bawdy Girls, a burlesque act, which will perform at halftime. The Kenny Gates Trio will play le jazz hot.

Posted 01/22/2007 09:39:39 AM

This really reminds me of a terrific song by Richard Thompson, "Hots For The Smarts" : I like a girl in satin Who talks dirty in Latin A girl who’s flirty When she quotes Krishnamurti If she likes to be goosed While reciting from Proust I’ll know she’s my kind of creature Among her delectables Her intellectables Must be her sexiest feature CHORUS I’ve got The Hots For The Smarts The Hots For The Smarts IQ off the charts Give me brains over hearts I’ve got The Hots For The Smarts I like a girl from Mensa With a furrowed brow When the tenses get denser She gets it – and how! I need a polymath Called Cindy or Cath Who likes her Plato not too platonic An autodidact Who can add and subtract While sipping her Tolstoy and tonic I need a girl with a feel For Faraday’s wheel A girl who’ll drool For Fleming’s Left Hand Rule Now you may like pin-ups Of girls who do chin-ups Like Xena the Warrior Princess But I’ll take to dinner My Nobel Prize winner With plutonium stains down her dress I like a girl who knows loadsa Kierkegaard and Spinoza Who likes to play chess Humming Porgy and Bess She must be able From her logarithmic table To find all those decimal places And what do I care That she’s nothing to wear And her teeth are imprisoned in braces I want a girl with a brain The size of Siberia With a haughty disdain Of all things inferior I don’t want a learner With a Bunsen burner She must be the finished article Who sees our attraction As chemical reaction And charm as merely a particle I want a PHD Who reads Linear ‘B’ Who applies her lotion With a Brownian motion Now some men may favour A girl who’s a raver A tease or a saucy young minx But I’ll get undressed with The girl I’m impressed with Who’s tunnelling under the Sphinx

daniel rubin
Posted 01/22/2007 10:23:13 AM

I think the names of many cool blogs are buried within those sharp lyrics: Tolstoy and Tonic Brownian Motion Tunneling Under the Sphinx Merely A Particle Talks Dirty in Latin. so elegant, so intelligent.

Posted 01/22/2007 10:25:36 AM

How can this guy diss the Wing Bowl? Wing Bowl is the best thing this city has going right now. Quizzo??? Honestly?? Anyone can go to a bar any night of the week to play quizzo. OOOoooo Bellydancers you say?? And breakdancers?!?!? How about beer, strippers, and ripping the flesh off of animal bones? Wing Bowl PWNS quizzo.

Posted 01/22/2007 12:33:37 PM

Marty, Yes, anyone can go to the bar any night of the week and play quizzo. Just like anyone can go to the bar any night of the week and eat wings. But there is only one Quizzo Bowl, just like there is only one Wing Bowl. The only difference being that Quizzo Bowl requires actual talent.

Posted 01/22/2007 01:34:24 PM

JGT, I would say Wing Bowl requires talent as well. Anyone can play Quizzo but not everyone can house over 100 wings. Wing Bowl is about the pageantry...not the wings.

Posted 01/22/2007 01:48:38 PM

Also $18 bucks to watch people answer questions? I would rather pay $5 to watch people eat wings and tailgate all night in the parking lot with thousands of true Philadelphians.

Posted 01/22/2007 01:49:54 PM

haha... pageantry.

B Hop
Posted 01/22/2007 02:12:53 PM

Dan, I gotta tell ya, man, I'm at quizzo every week. Would I pay to watch a Bowl of it? Not when I saw it the first time, when it was called the World Series of Pop Culture. Good luck promoting and I respect the effort, but let's leave Wing Bowl out of it.

Johnny Goodtimes
Posted 01/22/2007 02:37:26 PM

Hey guys, you don't pay to watch. You pay to play and try to win your share of the $500. I dunno anything about the World Series of Pop Culture. I got nothing to do with that.

Posted 01/22/2007 02:51:11 PM

Then I hope no questions come up concerning the WSOPC because we would have def got that one.

The Voice Of Reason
Posted 01/22/2007 02:56:54 PM

People, please. Let's not quibble. Aren't we all, after all, united under one common banner (excessive beer drinking)? These events are not mutually exclusive. The Wing-ding is Friday morning. The Minutia-thon is Saturday night. There's ample opportunity to kill brain cells all weekend. It's just that in the latter case, you get to torture them before their execution. It's really a sweet deal when you think about it.

B Hop
Posted 01/22/2007 03:03:46 PM

Johnny, My mistake. Not that I buy the buy in. The cafe will be a great room to work with. I gotta believe you've seen the Series in your line of work though.

B Hop
Posted 01/22/2007 03:03:46 PM

Johnny, My mistake. Not that I buy the buy in. The cafe will be a great room to work with. I gotta believe you've seen the Series in your line of work though.

Posted 01/22/2007 03:20:49 PM

Good point, voice of reason. Wing Bowl Friday, Quizzo Bowl Saturday, Super Bowl Sunday? That's a hard drinking, eating and thinking, badass weekend we can all get behind.

Posted 01/22/2007 03:29:38 PM


Posted 01/22/2007 04:47:17 PM

Hmmm... it's been a while since I've been part of a Quizzo team. This is tempting!