Put On Your High Heeled Sneakers

Flyer7_1 Bruce Warren at WXPN and Some Velvet Blog knows the way to Blinq's cold heart. Show us a monkey riding a border collie and point us to some new music to download, in this case songs by The Harlem Shakes. By email, he promises they're "a cool and up and coming band from New York." We've been playing air bass to "A Night" ever since we clicked 'save.'

What's Warren working? Spreading the word about an XPN Welcomes showcase set for Saturday night and co-sponsored with the half-Philly, half NYC blog called Badminton Stamps.

Badminton Stamps has put the Mp3s up on its site to stir a little interest for the show, which also features The Sun and The Picture, all fresh from South By Southwest and, "all surely riding atop hype waves of proportions not seen since microfich first promised to forever replace microfilm." Read for yourself what the site promised about Philadelphia fillies. (God, is that spelled right?) $6 gets you into the World Cafe Live for the three.

Up for downloading: four Sun songs, three Shakes songs and three from the Picture.

Attention must be paid to another night of new music: Monday Philly's RuffNation is bringing Kulcha Don to town for some dancehall, hip-hop, reggaeton grooves. His debut, "It's All About You," debuted this week. His single, "Drive You Crazy" features Beenie Man. You can watch it here. Gotta make the case by 3 p.m. today to get into the release party. Kulcha Don will also be on the bill at the Electric Factory Sunday for Sean Paul's tour.

More free music? Brandi Carlile returns Monday, opening for Jamie Cullum at the Kimmel Center. Her people offer these songs - "Fall Apart Again," "What More Can I Say" and "Throw It All Away" -- from the rootsy singer-songwriter from Washington state, who has this handy electronic press kit on YouTube.

What if we threw in some Billy Bragg, appearing with Jill Sobule at a left-of-the-dial show at the Keswick Theater Saturday? He's got three tracks for download at his site. And Ms. Jill? Oh yeah. She's got some, too.