What A Breeze

Blinq: Easier to read than Arianna Huffington.

Ran the blog through the Gunning -Fog readability test. The result: If you got through most of eighth grade, Blinq should be a breeze to understand. It's somewhere between the New York Post's Page 6 and Liz Smith for simplicity of style. Why aren't I happier?

Will Teullive
Posted 05/25/2006 11:17:04 PM

My blog checked in at 7.7. I'm a grade above T.V. Guide, The Bible, and Mark Twain; a grade below Reader's Digest and most popular novels?? Old Testament or New? Traditional half-size TV Guide or new and improved full size?...Adventures of Huckle Finn or Life on the Mississippi? I need details! Poor Mark Twain!

Daniel Rubin
Posted 05/26/2006 07:13:11 AM

if i'm a breeze at 8.45, you're a zephyr.

ping: I Kind Of Like To Think Of It As A Vanity Fair For Those Who Have Trouble Comprehending Ranger Rick -->
Posted 05/28/2006 11:00:47 PM

Readability Results The following table contains the readability results for http://frymax.typepad.com/longcut/. Reading Level ResultsSummaryValue Total sentences 499 Total words 3468 Average words per Sentence 6.95 Words with 1 Syllable 2289 Words wit...

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