Woman Smart, Man Smarter?

Genius Two reports about the differences in the sexes, two controversial conclusions.

The BBC has one that concludes woman smart, man smarter. The British Journal of Psychology will come out with a study later this year that says men score on average 5 points higher on IQ tests, the BBC reports. The differences begin to show up after age 14, and are most pronounced among the highest scorers. For instance, for every women scoring 155 - a level associated with genius - there were 5.5 men.

The Countess takes this one on, tying (thanks to Atrios) one of the study's authors to The Bell Curve, discredited by many as being racist. The comments are fiery.

The other piece to chew on is Faye Flam's Carnal Knowledge column in today's Inquirer.  She debunks the conventional wisdom that it is men who are biologically wired to sleep around.

We quote: "The latest research suggests the mechanics of sexual intercourse and the shape of the human penis evolved as a countermeasure to the infidelity of our female forebears."

What do we take away from this? We males are relatively smart. And faithful. So we having trouble believing this?

Posted 08/29/2005 12:29:14 PM

So you're telling me I'm smarter than someone!?!?! This study must have been conducted by... I can't even imagine. This useless nugget of information will hog a brain cell and I'll forget something important later :p

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