You've Got Music

Aol_corp_logo_1 As of today, days of AOL music and video are free for those of us who don't subscribe to the made-over Internet service. CEO Jonathan Miller talked about the changes to the Hollywood Reporter. Among them: The 10-foot-high walls are down, allowing us to watch Sessions at AOL. (I just saw Badly Drawn Boy and My Morning Jacket, a patchouli holiday at my desk. But to catch live Ed Harcourt, AOL wanted to know my screen name and password. Hmm.)  Then I was invited allowed to hear the entire Classic Moments album by Patti LaBelle. A 54-minute Dido concert followed, but I've got to type.

Friday Morning Quarterback reports that by month's end the new version of AOL will be rolled out with 27 channels, a video hub with HBO clips and free e-mail.

New York Business adds that over the course of the year AOL will add original content from The Biz reality show; a top 10 video listing of what’s popular each day; a top five listing of programs on TV the night before; a comedy channel of up-to-the-minute news; and sports updates. All this will be accessible along with 1.5 million videos housed in AOL’s video search engine, SingingFish, acquired in 2003.

Starting this summer, one will also be able to listen to 20 XM Satellite Radio music stations on the AOL Web site.

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